Sermon Outlines of Edgar Thomas

Sermons & Poems By Dr. Edgar Thomas
From Gainesville, Georgia

I remember when I met Bro. Edgar.  I believe that he was the most powerful preacher that I ever met.  He loved people in a way that made you to know that he truly loved God and had the love of God in him.  Hi friendship changed my life and my ministry.  One day we will meet again and walk through the heave that we have preached of here.  I am sure his outlines will be a great blessing.

This is a picture of Bro. Tommy Aikin (left),  Bro. Edgar (center), and myself, taken in the fellowship hall of our old home church after a night of preaching.  His memory is still fresh in my mind.  The last time I spoke with him he had called me and asked me to pray for a young lady who was having trouble and he loved her dearly.  It was not long after that that Bro. Edgar beat us home.

A Man In Hell Luke 16:19-31

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Angelic Assistance Ex. 23:30

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Christian Pilgrims 1 Pet. 2:11

WB01443_.gif (383 bytes)

Christ Wins An Enemy Acts 22

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Climbing Up The Hills Ps. 24:3-4

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Five Things Every Church Needs 2 Tim. 1:1-7

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Gethsemane Matt. 26:36-40

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Going Back To Bethel Gen. 35:10

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How Firm A Foundation No Text

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Keep Your Heart Prov. 4:23

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Memories No Text

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Nicodemus Jn. 3:1-6

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Pass Me Not No Text

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Portraits of Paul Acts 24:1-24

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So Many Reasons 1 Peter 1:1-8

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Reasons Why We Should Glorify God 1 Cor. 6

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Somebody Touched Me Mk. 5:25-34

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The Crying Bible No Text

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The Flight Of The Faithful 1 Tim. 6:7-21

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The Effects Of Calvary Matt. 27:45-47

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The Faith Of Noah Heb. 11:7

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The God Of All Comfort 2 Cor. 1:3-8

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The Plan Of Salvation Rom. 10:9-13

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The Pleading Preacher Rom. 12:1-2

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The Resurrection Of Christ

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What The Temple Had The
Early Church Needs
2 Chron.7:1-14

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10 Responses to Sermon Outlines of Edgar Thomas

  1. Val Black says:

    I appreciate the outlines by Bro. Thomas.

    There is a question concerning the outline titled, “Nicodemus”. It says the following:

    He was rewarded by hearing some of the greatest truths ever presented to man.
    A. He heard about the Water – vs. 5.
    B. He heard about the Wind – vs. 8.
    C. He heard about the Way – vs. 16.

    My question is, what Book/chapter are these relating to?

  2. Dr. Don White says:

    He is referring to John chapter 3.

  3. Richard Hartness says:

    i met bro. Edgar in villa ricca at a revival in about one time in the 80,s and had the privalege of hearing him, il never forget, i prayed with him there just him and me kneeling down together, i used to listen to him here in cartersville ga. when he was on 1010 am radio five times a week i had lots of his tapes, i talked to him on the phone in about 1998 i believe, he was one of the best iv ever heard. thanks for your site. do you know where i can get any tapes or cd,s of his sermons ? God bless and thanks

  4. jameshknight says:

    He was a great man of God. I will never forget him. You can search for his audio and downlad it and burn cds, but Iam not aware of any place to get them besides that. God bless.

  5. Jack says:

    If I had a German Shepherd, I would send him to fetch your login details so you’d stop this writing….

  6. jameshknight says:

    Thanks for the input Jack, if you don’t have an argument from scripture then continue to show your hostility. It is a fine display of someone who has no argument but wants to be heard anyway. That is a definite sign of a lack of tact and intellect. God bless.

  7. wolfgangvanburen says:

    Bro.Edgar without doubt was one of the greatest preachers of our generation …. he had a burden for sinners, loved and fed God’s sheep, and walked with God in humility.

    One day a precious man who us now with the Lord (Bro.Paul Cornett) who was a prayer warrior and a worshipper of our Lord …came to me and said I have something for you … it was a large brown box, I opened it and it contained over 200 cassette tapes … Messages that Bro.Edgar has preached in revivals on the radio and in many churches around the country … their in bad shape, and I’m wanting to have them all converted to CD’s when I can find someone who will do it affordably.

    I’ll tell you this, if my home caught fire, I’d grab the kids, my bibles, and that box of tapes. they are worth more than money could ever buy.

    God Bless You,
    ~ Bro. Lee

  8. jameshknight says:

    You’re right brother, he was a great man of God who loved people. There was great power in his presence because you knew that he was close to God. All you had to do was meet him and you knew he was a special kind of preacher.

  9. Joel Hiatt says:

    Bro Edgar preached for me two meetings but we talked on the phone regularly. He was my friend and a great theologian. He preached with power. I miss him.

  10. jameshknight says:

    I loved Bro. Edgar too. I really miss his phone calls. The last time he talked to me was shortly before his death. He asked me to pray for a young lady named Jill Connor. He was a man of God and he had a real heart for people.

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