David Legg

Topical Study Series

[Old Testament Series] [New Testament Series]

A Short Series On Prayer — a short series of studies related to prayer — [4 sermons]
As Sparks Flying Upward — a look at how Bible Characters dealt with trials — [12 sermons]
Back To Basics — a look at the ABCs of the Christian life — [14 sermons]
Behold Your God! — studies of the attributes of God — [13 sermons]
Crucial Questions On Christ’s Return — questions about prophetic matters — [6 sermons]
Fear Nots Of The First Nativity, The — comfort from the first Christmas — [3 sermons]
Glimpses Of Glory — what does the Bible have to say about heaven? — [8 sermons]
Grace Of Giving, The — a study of sacrificial giving in the life of the believer — [4 sermons]
Gospel Explained, The — evangelistic sermons from the book of Romans — [Current series]
Heart Of The Matter, The — a biblical look at the heart of man — [6 sermons]
Little Women — lessons from lesser known Bible women — [5 sermons]
Lord’s Supper, The — the practice and principles of the Lord’s Supper — [3 sermons]
Man Of The Millennium, The — studies of the person of Christ — [5 sermons]
Matthew’s First Christmas — a look at Matthew’s account of the nativity — [3 sermons]
Men For The Hour — the characters of the Old Testament Judges — [19 sermons]
Strongholds Of Satan — a biblical critique of false faiths and confusing cults — [15 sermons]

Men For The Hour - Judges1st, 2nd and 3rd John

Old Testament Study Series

[New Testament Series] [Topical Series]

Ezekiel — chapter-by-chapter through the entire book of Ezekiel — [24 sermons]
Habakkuk – Majoring On The Minors — verse-by-verse through Habakkuk — [7 sermons]
Haggai – Majoring On The Minors — verse-by-verse through Haggai — [4 sermons]
Malachi’s Modern Message — verse-by-verse through Malachi — [8 sermons]
Nehemiah – Building For God — a study through the book of Nehemiah — [15 sermons]
Obadiah – Majoring On The Minors — verse-by-verse through Obadiah — [1 sermon]
Psalm 84 – The Lovesick Psalmist — what can we learn from the Psalmist? — [4 sermons]
Psalm 91 – The Only Safe Place — comforting words from Psalm 91 — [4 sermons]

Back To BasicsStrongholds Of Satan

New Testament Study Series

[Old Testament Series] [Topical Series]

1st Corinthians — verse-by-verse through Paul’s first epistle to Corinth — [46 sermons]
1st, 2nd and 3rd John — verse-by-verse through the epistles of John — [23 sermons]
Beatitudes, The — a challenging study through the Beatitudes in Matthew 5 — [10 sermons]
Christ In The Home — Paul’s instructions for believers in Ephesians 5-6 — [4 sermons]
Ephesians — verse-by-verse through Paul’s epistle to the church at Ephesus — [36 sermons]
God Of All Comfort, The — comforting words from 2 Corinthians 1 — [2 sermons]
Holy War, The — a look at the Christian’s armour in Ephesians 6 — [8 sermons]
Jude – The Acts Of The Apostates — verse-by-verse through Jude — [7 sermons]
Marriage And Singleness — guidance from 1 Corinthians for singles & couples — [4 sermons]
Philippians — verse-by-verse through Paul’s ‘epistle of joy’ — [24 sermons]
Sermon On The Mount, The — Christ’s challenging sermon expounded — [27 sermons]
Studies In Mark — verse-by-verse studies through the Gospel of Mark — [Current series]
Revelation, Book Of The — Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow — [Current series]

Prophecy Questions SeriesNehemiah - Building For God

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