C.H. Spurgeon

A wonderful collection of addresses to ministers and students. One of Spurgeon’s finest works.

An earnest evangelistic plea for those seeking salvation who have not yet cast themselves completely on Christ by faith.

Around the Wicket Gate

A slightly edited version of Spurgeon’s evangelistic classic. Posted by A. Allison Lewis.

Spurgeon’s thoughts on reaching children with the gospel and training them early in the things of God. A rare work, filled with wonderful helps for parents and teachers.
Salvation is of the Lord.

Documents from the Down-Grade Controversy

A collection of documents on the controversy that dominated Spurgeon’s final years. Plus an appendix on the history of the Down-Grade from John MacArthur’s best-selling book Ashamed of the Gospel.

Early Religious Impressions

From Spurgeon’s Autobiography

Eccentric PreachersA quaint collection of lectures about great preachers with unusual characteristics. Spurgeon said he wrote it in “self-defense.”

Exposition: 1 John 3:1-10

“We shall see him as he is.”—1 John 3:2.

Faith’s Checkbook

Daily devotions.

Don’t miss this marvellous collection of sermons based on rural themes. Transcribed by Jo Ann (Jody) Finnimore.

The Great Change—Conversion

Spurgeon’s own account of his conversion—from the Autobiography

The Greatest Fight in the World
Transcribed by Debra Bouey.

Happy Childhood at Stambourne

From Spurgeon’s Autobiography

John Ploughman’s Talk

Biblical wisdom for the common man.

The Kind of Revival We Need

A plea to pray for revival.

Morning and Evening

Daily devotions.

Morning and Evening (708K download)

Spurgeon’s devotional in eBook format for use on desktop and handheld computers. From Christopher M. Haywood. This eBook version requires Microsoft Reader, which is a free download from Microsoft.

Morning and Evening

A fully searchable version. From Greg Galloway.

Morning and Evening

Michael Lindell’s Windows 95/98/NT utility. This is a .zip file containing everything needed to run the program. Simply unzip into the folder of your choice; then add a shortcut to the .exe file in your StartUp folder to get a dose of Spurgeon every time you boot up.

“Morning and Evening” and More

Follow this link for information on how you can sign up to receive the Morning and Evening entries daily by e-mail. Sponsored by Robert Prodoehl.

A Pastoral Letter

Written to accompany the publication of sermon 221 in the New Park Street Pulpit series—”Comfort Proclaimed.

A Puritan Catechism

Spurgeon’s adaptation of the Shorter Catechism.

Sermon Outlines

These go with some audiotaped Spurgeon sermons that you can order for a reasonable price—read by a modern voice, of course, not Spurgeon himself. Nontheless, these are very well done and excellent material to listen to while driving. From MegaStats Inc.

Spurgeon’s most famous lecture series. There are two long lectures filled with illustrations drawn from candles. Spurgeon gave these lectures to show how easy it is to illustrate spiritual truth through everyday objects. There are two lectures, each in a separate file. NOTE: These are large files with lots of graphics. We’ve purposely posted them this way to facilitate text searches. They may take more than a few minutes to download.

transcribed for by David R. Heesen.

Till He Come

Communion Meditations and Addresses by C. H. Spurgeon, first published 1896. This is a marvelous collection of sermons that are not included in the Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit volumes.

A Traveller’s Letters Home

Letters from Spurgeon to his wife while he was traveling in Italy—from the Autobiography

A Traveller’s Letters Home (continued)

Spurgeon’s travelogue, continued—from the Autobiography

Treasury of David

Spurgeon’s 7-volume study of the Psalms.


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