Thou Hypocrite: Matthew 7:5

“ Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.” Matthew 7:5

In reading this verse we see a truth that is completely missed by those who will not take scripture in proper context. The same God (Jesus Christ) that just told us in verse one of this chapter “Judge not that ye be not judged.” Is telling us that it is proper to use good judgement. Notice the wording in verses 1-5. They all go together. This is not a complete forbidding of using judgment, but a warning against hypocritical judgement. A warning against judging someone when you are at the same time guilty before God for sin in your own life.

When we have a continuous state of sin in our life we are blinded by that sin and unable to use proper or good judgement in our approach to the sins of others. Yet, if we will get our own hearts and lives right, Jesus Himself tells us in these verses that we can see clearly to help our bretheren. In studying the context of verse 1,

“Judge not that ye be not judged.”

We must read it in light of the fact that all 5 of these verses go together to express a complete thought. It is not even reasonable to use this verse as an excuse not to practice good judgement. We all shall be judged one day.

Those of us who are saved shall stand at the judgement seat of Christ. We shall be judged. Those that die lost shall stand before God at the Great White Throne Judgement. All will be judged. The question here is, just what judgement is it that Jesus is warning us of in these verses.

It is the judgement of our fellow man. If we are harsh and cruel in our judgment of others and we have open sin in our own lives, we shall be judged as unrighteous by those around us. People see us, people see how we live. If we are so hypocritical as to live in open sin and condemn another for sin in their life, we will be judged by our fellow man as hypocrites and thereby we will lose the power and the opportunity to witness to those about us. This should be our most compelling incentive to live clean and above reproach. The immortal souls of many about us may depend upon our own testimony in the eyes of the world.

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2 Responses to Thou Hypocrite: Matthew 7:5

  1. Soft says:

    Thank you for another great post.
    I look forward to many more entries with high quality info.

  2. jameshknight says:

    Thanks for the encouragement Soft, I really appreciate the encouragement. Keep me in your prayers.

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