Mother to Mother

Mothers hold

their children’s hands

for just a Little while…

but their hearts forever.



Don’t ever forget while making a living

to not forget to make a life.


Mother to Mother

This page contains lessons and devotionals written by my wife, Mrs. Tammy Knight.  She has had several opportunities to speak to ladies’ groups in different places. We pray that they will be a great blessing to many.


New Year’s Devotion

Overcharged Mothers

The Word Mother

What is Your Heart’s Desire?



From the book of Hebrews

Lesson 01: Stay Focused

Lesson 02: Stay Focused

Lesson 03: Stay Focused

Lesson 04 : Stay Focused

Lesson 05 : Stay Focused

Lesson 06: Stay Focused

Lesson 07: Stay Focused

Lesson 08 : Stay Focused

Lesson 09 : Stay Focused

Lesson 10 : Stay Focused



One Response to Mother to Mother

  1. These are so heart warming devotionals about Mothers. We sometimes take for granted them, but they always come through for us. Thank you so much for reminding us this very thing! God bless you, Miss Tammy

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