Judges 2:1-4

What Causes Failure in

A Child of God

Judges 2:1-4

In the text before us we see the Lord telling His chosen people that He has held up His end of the covenant that He had made with their fathers. He’s reminding them that thus far He had done what He said He would do. But He reminds them that there were some things that He expected of them in return. He is reminding them that there were stipulations on the fulfillment of some of His promises to them. And He reminds them of their failure to meet the standards that He had placed upon them.

That same God has given us some stipulations to follow in order to enjoy some of the blessings that we receive, and we fail. We fail daily to be all that we ought to be.

James said we have not because we ask not, and when we do ask we ask amiss. This means that we ask for the wrong things, in the wrong way, at the wrong time, or for the wrong reason. (James 4:1-10) What James is telling us is that if we will try to live for God and trust Him in every aspect of our lives, then we will be blessed. Why is it that we fail so? We often find ourselves in a position that God must refuse blessing because we have not lived up to our part of the covenant. We limit God in our daily lives as Israel did in (Psalm 78:41).

This is the situation that we find in our text. God is being held up in blessing them by their own failure in following Him. What is it that causes failure in God’s chosen people.

Notice first that they lacked faith in God’s promise. He told them that He had given the land into Judah’s hands and they still asked for help. They did not trust God to do this for them. God has led them, fed them, fought for them, and they have witnessed the power of God in the awesome miracles that they had witnessed for forty years. Yet they lacked faith in God’s promise of victory. To do this is simply to doubt God. If you will notice in Judges 1:19, Caleb was able to do alone what the whole nation was unable to do previously. Because he trusted God.

In Judges 1:16, Judah lacked obedience to God’s word. He would not drive out the inhabitants of the land as God had commanded. And the other tribes followed suit. They settled down among the inhabitants of the land.

We do the same thing. We are commanded to be separate from sin. We are to rid ourselves of our old sinful habits after we get saved. We should also abstain from evil company as well as wicked behavior. Of course we should not drink. But we also should not keep company with drunkards. Neither should we compromise and say that people should just quietly live and let live. Sin should be pointed out and denounced. Not coddled and lived with. In America, liquor was once illegal. Now it is big business. In the governmental circles as well as business. Look at the taxation on this sinful practice. OK so drinking is alright as long as someone pays the taxes on the booze. In our state now it is gambling that has come to be what alcohol has been for some time. A great ugly blight on our state’s social landscape.

Gambling is extortion, plain and simple. And those who make their living in the gaming industry are guilty. Just as guilty as any man who impoverishes his family to take a foolish chance at a wish for easy money. As well as the government that makes taxes off the sinful practice.

Another cause for the failure of God’s children in this world is a lack of vision. In Judges 1:19 we see that they are blinded by the enemies strength. They could not see past the chariots of iron.

In much the same way, the few people in this world who would stand for right and good are afraid of the superior numbers of the opposition. It is obvious that the devil has us outnumbered, as far as the eye can see, but we must remind ourselves that they that be on our part far outnumber they that be against us. God is on our side. The armies of Heaven are around us. We are not alone, and we are not outnumbered. Let us be resolved to stand no matter what the odds. It may be a handful of co-workers. It may be one friend, or it may be a hundred, a thousand that are against us. With God on our side what can’t we do? What can’t God do?

Let us trust God’s word and act upon it, obey it, and have the vision to see beyond this life to the blessings that await.

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