In our day

In our day: a note to unbelievers

In our day, the generation that is, for the most part, raising kids has the attitude that church is something that you do when you have nothing else to do. It is no wonder that the nation has turned from God. The question is often raised. “Is America a Christian nation?” Well, I may emphatically say no. There was a time that she was. That simply means that most of her population was Christian. Today that is not the case. We have a generation that is religious but not saved. They have a form of Godliness yet they deny the power thereof. America has become an anti-christian nation. The only religions that are being restricted in their public performance of their rites or practices are those that are built upon a faith in the Holy Bible as the Word of God.

Is America a Christian nation, or was America a Christian nation? If you will look at our national holidays, you can see the obvious answer to this question. Christmas is a day set aside to celebrate the birth of the Precious Son of God. Easter is a day set aside to celebrate the death the burial and the resurrection of the Son of God. Thanksgiving was set aside to fast and pray and give thanks to the God of Heaven who had prospered the early settlers. There was once a law in most of our country that businesses shut down on Sunday. Once upon a time, Wed. night prayer service was a time that school activities and sports were prohibited so that people could be in church. Today, because big money and politics talk, nothing is any longer sacred. Not even the fact that there IS a God and He is real.

Only God could have known, thousands of years before man made the discovery, that the world was round, it says so in His book. Only God knew that every star was different, is was written in His book before the astronomers ever figured it out. Only God could have known thousands of years ago that there were “paths” or currents in the seas. It was written in His book thousands of years before they were discovered. And only God would have been able to know that if Abraham had not waited eight days to circumcise his son Isaac, the child would have bled to death, because blood will not clot until the eighth day of life. God knew this, and had his word written down with men never knowing why until my own life time.

I will say that America was once a Christian nation. And should be again. The fact that God’s book proves Himself is reason enough that we should be allowed to continue with our worship even among unbelievers. I do not believe in violent action to carry the word of God. But what God called sin thousands of years ago, is still sin today. What was abomination to God thousands of years ago, is still abomination today. Prayer is “commanded” by God, not simply allowed. Homesexuality is condemned by God, not simply disapproved of. And I personally don’t believe in atheism. It is a lie. All men know that there is a God, there are simply many who choose to deny Him in rebellion to the very soul that lives within them.

I do not choose to require anyone who does not believe as I do to prove their beliefs to me. I do not feel that we as Christians should continually be required by the world of unbelievers to state and explain our beliefs. It is no new story. It is the oldest story known to man. Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the Godhead, created all things. He made man, watched man throw it all away, and then gave Himself to give man the chance to come back to God. God loved you so much that He showed that He would rather die than see you go to hell. I think we all owe it to Him to read His book and find out how He feels about some things.

I am a Christian, I will live by the book. Everyone else has to make their own choice. To be otherwise minded would make me a hypocrite. Read the book, cover to cover; and then again; then again; and perhaps you will begin to understand why Christians feel the way they do about a lot of things. Don’t be a hypocrite, as most preachers are today, and try to preach what you are not familiar with. If I must continue to study secular history, and philosophy, poetry, the sciences, and other religions in order to preach. Then others should read the book that I live by to try and understand what I preach.

Pastor James H. Knight


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