Follow Me

Mat 4:19 Mat 8:22 Mat 9:9 Mat 16:24

“ Follow me”

In this modern age it seems that no matter where you go there is a question in the back of the minds of the people you meet. As time passes and more preachers and others come to be with is un meetings and so forth it will become more and more obvious to everyone that no two people are going to agree on everything. There is this awful question these days that causes division over some things, and there really is not cause for this division. Don’t misunderstand and think that I am preaching a liberal attitude of tolerance. You know me much better than that. But we don’t need to begin asking, “What camp are you in?” Here at Calvary Baptist Church we are not in a “camp”. To put it plainly; we are not in the rut of following a man, or a group of men. Nor are we caught up in following the doctrines of a man or any group of men. We are seeking to follow Jesus and Jesus alone. And the only way for us to do this is to grow together as a family; to learn God’s word and allow His word to cleanse us of self and conform us to the image of God’s own precious Son. In doing this we realize that there are some things that we don’t know. After men have been serving God for 30, 40, or 50 years vigorously digging into His word and laboring in the field, they often say they have only scratched the surface. In comparison to some of the great preachers I know and have known that tells me that I haven’t even lifted a chisel yet to begin to work, to learn, to serve, to know God. When we realize this truth and see that truth in the light of Romans chapter 14 which is where we find God’s law of doubtful things, we can learn some things. This chapter of Scripture is one of the most neglected instructional passages concerning Christian conduct in the Word of God. If you love God, and you Love you neighbor, you will strive to do just what Paul tells us here. We see what Jesus did. He never gave offense, though many were offended. He was a walking, talking, living, open rebuke toward all that was unholy; and all the falsehoods of the religious crowd of that day. If we will try and be like Him, we won’t be able to help it; people won’t like us for the same reasons they hated Him, and still do. When we have time, we need to remind ourselves of His words, “Follow me”. We must follow Jesus.


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