“And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.”



I have, throughout my ministry, preached several times on the church of Laodicea as we see it in Revelation chapter 3. Recently I preached on the period of time (transitional period) between the church in Philadelphia and the church of Laodicea. There can be no reasonable doubt that the seven churches that our Lord had John write these letters to were fitting pictures of seven ages in the history of the church, as many men of God have taught them to be. After study it will become evident that there is no legitimate argument to be brought against this truth. With that thought in mind I would like to point out the fact that God has still not ceased to teach His people. In these last days, though there is no new revelation, there is new illumination, or there are times that we can read and study and God will unveil truths to us that we had not seen before, even though they were already written down for us thousands of years ago. Jesus is that Bread from Heaven according to His own word and by the word of His own mouth He will give us more to eat if we will be faithful to what we have already received. If we are faithful, we shall be rewarded with further illumination or understanding of what is already revealed in the word of God.

In the day in which we live there seems to be no end to man’s thirst for knowledge. God made us that way. We want to learn, to know, to understand. Anyone of any profession wants to better understand their own work that they may well perform it and thereby advance their position in the field of their labor. As a child of God it is only right that we seek to better know God and what His word has for us that we may better know Him and what He would have us do; also what He has in store for us. In this age of such a great desire for enlightenment men have become distracted and are focused in the wrong direction. We may learn of the future by studying the prophecies of the word of God and that is good. We should be interested in the future and the only way to know it is by knowing God. We can, however, only know what He has chosen to show us by His word. We may learn how to live in our present day as God would have us too. And as with the future we should want to study, to learn and to know what God would have us too about the day in which we live.

There is a great problem now though, men have become ensnared in our day. We find ourselves in the days that Paul wrote to Timothy of, that men are ever learning and not able to come to a knowledge of the truth. We find the majority in the church who have a form of godliness yet they deny the power thereof. The reason for this problem is the wrong point of focus. Most ministries have lost their basic point of focus. Ministers today are just too smart for their own good. Like the rest of the world, preachers want to be specialists in this field or that. Men have begun to choose what they want to do for God and are not balanced in their walk, their preaching, or their teaching. We would do well to remember that our focus is not to be on the blessings that we are promised in the scriptures. I believe the word of God, and it says that where a man’s treasure is there will his heart be also. Those who build an entire ministry focused on material blessings have shown us where their hearts and loyalties lie. Woe unto the man whose god is his own belly, his own lusts, and his own desires for wealth and pleasure. His religion will vary and change with his income. His focus is on the wrong object.

There are men who have built an entire ministry on prophecy. God help us to understand that this is something that men can only understand as God grants them understanding. Oh yes, it may be written down and not yet be understood. There are those in the word of God who penned it down and still did not understand what it was of which they wrote. Now we find men are so ensnared by this business of end time prophecy that their life and ministry is focused on that and that alone. Looking at and preaching the deep things of God to a lost and dying world is simply doing the devil a service and giving lost intellectuals something to argue over and with. It is hard to witness to someone who knows too much bible. I pray that you understand what I am saying. It is hard to unconvince a lost man who is already convinced that he is saved. I did not, for you liberals, point at anyone and say, “you are lost,” or “you are not”; but God’s word tells us that few are not, and this deceptive tactic of building a ministry on an approach that is driven by a desire to be or do something is a damnable practice and is to be condemned.

Prophecy focuses on future events, those who build their ministry on prophecy are not properly focused. Those who capitalize on blessing and material wealth are also not properly focused; they are caught up in the now of history. What is a properly focused ministry? What is to be our point of greatest desire? Our focus is to be multifaceted yet single minded, of one purpose; it should be upward, forward, inward and backward. It must be balanced and it must be on Him. Not solely on what He is doing or going to do, but also on what He has already done. In studying God’s word we find that today men fail to look back. Our greatest theme and the message that we carry is to be the gospel message.

Ministers must teach the church, but remember that the lost world needs the gospel.

Jn 12:32

“And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.”

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