Ezekiel 2:7

Eze 2:7 And thou shalt speak my words unto them, whether they will hear, or whether they will forbear: for they are most rebellious.

In the busy day in which we live, professionalism, formality, and the stopwatch seem to govern most of the activities that go on in our lives. In this busy time and society it seems that what was once a feared and intimidating office is now just another job to most of the world. That office being The Preaching of TheWord of God. It seems that being a preacher is considered by most of America to be a promising and very desirable career choice. There was a young man that I had the privilege of working with some years ago who thought this way. He told me himself that he had gone to seminary to become a preacher. It was a good job, so he thought. He thought it would be nice to dress well, be around Christian people, study the bible and share with the church what he had been studying. He saw all the good aspects of the ministry and considered it a profession. It wasn’t long, he said, until he learned that everybody didn’t love the preacher, and there was a lot more work involved in the ministry than he thought. He soon left the ministry for easier work as a laborer in a factory with me. (A preacher) He had thought to dodge the bullet of physical labor by becoming a preacher.

Another man who is a very dear relative one day “decided” that he would like to try preaching. He spoke to his pastor and the pastor was thrilled to allow him the use of the pulpit to try this new aspiration. After weeks of labor in the word the young man got up to preach his first and last message. He learned that it is more than just getting a lesson together. It is much more than a college education and a good job. It is a calling.

Men are not just preachers by choice, but it is a high calling of God to be in the ministry. Oh, yes, there are many preaching. There are also many good preachers; Many professional orators who can bring a tear to the eye of the deadest wood in the forest. But many a man can tell a joke that will make anyone laugh. Still, that does not make them a comedian. Being able to deliver a message does not make the man, or woman a preacher. Many are dynamic and exciting speakers. In honestly considering the office, as compared to the activity, the second greatest preacher ever is the devil himself. He knows more bible than we will live long enough to learn in this world. Does that make him a God-called preacher? Of course it doesn’t.

The world has lost its respect for the office of the preacher, the reason being that there are too many of them; Too many of them who are intruders into the priest’s office. This makes it important to understand how to know a “Man of God” from a professional preacher. It is all too needed in the world today.

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Ez 2:7


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