The Sorrows of Hell

2 Samuel 22:6

“The Sorrows of hell”

Luke 16:19-31

I. The sorrows of a wasted life…

“Thou in thy lifetime recievedst thy good things”

Had it all and lost it all, laid up no treasures for himself in heaven…

“Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

II. The sorrows of a lonely end…

“I have five brethren”

(Hebrews 9:27) once to die, we die once, we die alone, we die once and for all.

His brethren were not with him.

III. The sorrows of unheeded pleading…

He did not seek to send Lazarus home to his wife but to his father’s house where his brethren were. Why? He was rich, had his own house, surely he had a wife, maybe she had begged him to go to synagogue as so many women beg their husbands to go to church now. In hell he could remember every time he was invited to church.

IV. The sorrows of a hopeless eternity…

“there is a great gulf fixed”

No leaving, no hope of relief or comfort coming in….but

V. The sorrows of a helpless zeal…

“sent Lazarus”

“they have Moses and the prophets”

Now that it is too late…

1. he is mission minded

2. he wants to testify

3. he wants to see souls saved

4. he’d give it all just to see someone saved



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