Right on Time

Right on Time

(Revelation 22:20) “Surely I come quickly.”

“surely” – Nahee- a strong affirmation

“quickly” – tachu – shortly, without delay, soon, suddenly, readily

Right on Time

Jesus is telling the whole world that God does things right on time, and so He does. So often in the word of God and in our lives we begin to think that it`s just too late. Nothing can help us now, our situation is hopeless. And just like Mary and Martha in John 11 when Lazarus had been dead 4 days, we feel that all is lost. Even God can`t help us now. That is when Jesus comes walking on the water and shows us that He still delivers right on time.

  1. I. God Was on Time in the Garden
    1. A. (Genesis 3:7,8) Adam and Eve thought hopeless
    2. B. God showed up
  2. II. God Was Right on Time With Samuel
    1. A. (I Samuel 3:1-3) Israel seemed hopeless
    2. B. God called Samuel
  3. III. God Was Right on Time With David
    1. A. (I Samuel 17:8-11) Israel thought defeat
    2. B. (I Samuel 17:17-20) In the nick of time, along came David
  4. IV. Just In Time God Sent an Angel to Nazareth of Galilee to a Little Virgin Girl
  5. V. God Was Right on Time With You if You Are Saved.

And God is coming back.

Right on time


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