Proverbs 3:5

Proverbs 3:5

How to get direction from God

I. Be aware of the Lord

A. “Trust in the Lord” (by reading His word)

1. be bold in the Lord (by prayer, practice)

2. be confident, safe, sheltered, protected

II. Be wary of yourself

A. “Lean not unto your own understanding”

1. put no faith in yourself because

a. your knowledge is limited

b. your strength is limited

c. your abilities are limited

(God is infinite, unbiased, pure, almighty, all powerful, able)

III. Acknowledge Him

A. Know God (recognize Him working in your life)

1. by observation: look for Him in all things

all places and all circumstances

2. by personal experience: recognize what God has

done for you

3. by telling people what you know


4. by being humble


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