Make this valley full of ditches

Make This Valley Full of Ditches

II Kings 3:1-20

We have before us a picture of a situation which is familiar to many of us, even in our day. If there was ever a message to warn us of our alliances in this life, it is before us here. Jehoshaphat was a good king who loved God, but he was also what you might call a soft-touch. He was easy to get in favor with. Several times he got into a lot of trouble because he just could not say no.

Jesus instructed His disciples to be as harmless as doves but as wise as serpents (Matthew 10:16).

In our day, with this live and let live crowd that leads the religious world the, the church is constantly being asked to join in with the ungodly people in their “ventures” or activities because, after all, we are all brother`s in Christ.

Wisdom should put the brakes on right there. We ought to know better.

Let`s look at this passage now, in light of what we know of the church today and these verses there is a great deal that we can learn from Jehoshaphat`s life.

  1. I. Notice This King of Israel   Jehoram
  2. A. What was his motivation?
  3. 1. Verses 4-6

The love of money is the root of all evil.

  1. 2. It was this motivation that caused him to move, not the leadership of or command of God.
  2. B. His motivation being money, what was his action in going after it? What did he first seek?
  3. 1. Numbers – Look at verse 7 and verse 9

3 Kings: Israel, Judah, & Edom

  1. II. Notice Now Jehoshaphat
  2. A. What was his motivation?
  3. 1. Look at verse 7, he saw them as brethren, loved and was willing to help.

Sometimes we are supposed to say no!

(II Timothy 3:5) from such turn away!

(Romans 16:17) mark them!

(I Timothy 6:5) withdraw thyself!

(Luke 14:26) family ties are not to influence us to go contrary to God.

  1. III. Jehoshaphat`s Failure, compounded by Carelessness.
  2. A. He should have refused to go, should have kept himself separate from Ahab.
  3. 1. He went
  4. 2. He identified himself with them (vs. 7).
  5. 3. He followed their direction (vs. 8).
  6. 4. Look at the company

Israel- away from God


  1. a. Would not allow Israel passage (Numbers 20:14-21

Enemies of Israel

Amelek- grandson of Esau was        a cheifton of Edom.

Cursed by God (Exodus 17:14-16)

Remember Psalm 1

Walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly

Standeth in the way of sinners

Sitteth in the seat of the scornful

  1. 5. Look at the results

He went, with them, their way,

“the wilderness of Edom”

(Note: The lie of the king of Israel) Vs. 10

King of Edom is silent. Nothing to say worth hearing.

  1. 6. Jehoshaphat, in a mess, thinks of God. (vs. 11)

Jehoshaphat recognizes the man of God`s name.

  1. 7. Security displayed in verse 14.

Jehoshaphat is God`s and God shows mercy.

Look at the church in our day and compare.

True church is becoming ensnared with the religious crowd.

religious crowd.

  1. 1. Motivation. (wanting numbers)
  2. 2. Leading to ungodly union with unbelievers.
  3. 3. Going the wrong way.
  4. 4. Finding themselves in a hopeless situation.
  5. 5. With no thought of God.


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