Hoseah 4:6-11

Hosea 4:6-11

(Vs. 9) “There shall be, like people, like priest: and I will punish them for their ways, and reward them their doings.”

If ever there has been a picture painted to describe American in our day. It is painted for us by these words in Hosea chapter 4.

  1. 1. This is a message to God`s people, delivered at God`s direction by God`s prophet Hosea.
  2. 2. This same message is being kept in store, though, God said that it would happen again. Look at this message in verse 9 again.

Notice a few things:

  1. I. The Condition of The People
  2. A. Destroyed for lack of knowledge
  3. 1. Not learning
  4. a. Rejecting truth – world in church
  5. b. Rejecting truth – church for the world
  6. 2. Not being taught
  7. a. What is sin
  8. b. Not to sin
  9. II. The Cause of This Condition (vs. 8 )
  10. A. Why preachers will not preach on some things
  11. 1. They desire reward
  12. 2. They are living in sin themselves
  13. III. The Consequences (vs. 9 punishment – judgment)

Hebrews 10:28-30


  1. IV. Most Church Folks Just Aren`t Saved
  2. A. That is why they can live in sin
  3. B. That is why they are unfruitful
  4. C. That is why they usually don`t care


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