Ephesians 6:13

Ephesians 6:13 (Read verses 10-18)

The one most needful thing in our day is one of the least dealt with. We need this timeless exortation more now than ever. In looking at our text we see our armor. In looking at our armor we must realize just who it is that provides this armor for us. Notice verse 10-11 and we see that God provides our armor, we see also that it is only in His strength, power, and might that we can stand. Why do we need to come to this realization, why is this so vitally important? We see the answer for this in verse 12. This is a spiritual battle.

Now in verse 13 we read….

“and having done all, to stand.”

Helping fellow Christians

In preparing for the preaching of this message I have had to learn a few things myself. There are many ways that we are to help our brethren, many ways that we can help our brethren. All fall under a category that can be summed up in two words…

“Stay Faithful”

If we are to help fellow Christians, the greatest way that we can do this is by staying faithful.

We must stay faithful….

1. To God: Our armor is of, from, and through Him alone

2. To God’s word: Our only offensive weapon, we must faithfully wield it.

a. get to know it

b. follow it

c. share it

3. To God’s man: Remember, obey, salute

4. To God’s house: His people, the church

a. attend

b. support

c. defend

d. represent


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