1 Samuel 4:1-22

1 Samuel 4:1-22

America was once known the world over as a Christian nation. It was built by Christian people, for Christian people. These days that is no longer the case. America has gone from being a Christian nation to being a religious nation. Religion has become the god of the greatest nation in the world. There was a time that our nation as a whole accepted Christian principles as the standard by which we governed ourselves. The ten commandments were acknowledged as the basis for moral law and effective government. Now they are cursed and rejected by the nation that God has blessed more than any nation in the history of the world, outside of Israel. Religion has become a God in America. And the God of Heaven is being pushed aside.

When Religion Becomes

Our God

(I) We put our trust in the wrong person

A. (Ex. 32:1-4) Children of Israel trusted in Moses:

1. they saw Moses, could not see God (nearsighted)

2. when Moses was on the mountain he was “out of sight and out of mind”

3. because they could not see him they forsook him

B. People are no different today:

1. trusting in preachers

2. trusting in parents (and family)

3. trusting in brethren (and friends)

They are bound to be disappointed

(II) When religion becomes our god we put our trust in all the wrong things

A. (1Samuel 4:3) the ark

1. notice their words “it cometh” and “it may save”

Well, “It” ain’t enough, they found out the hard way!

B. (2Kings 18:4) The brazen serpent

C. People today trust in things more than God.

1. if it weren’t for the building, wouldn’t be at church

2. trust in money, land, possessions

{some other things that people are trusting in:

Feelings, experiences, miracles, healings,

tongues, water baptism}

(III) When religion becomes our god we go the wrong way and we go alone.


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