Outline; Making a Difference

Making a Difference

“And of some have compassion, making a difference.”

(Jude 22)

One forgotten aspect of our lives in the day in which we live is that of personal testimony. People no longer take their personal relationship with God seriously, and they think that their lives have no effect on those around them. Well, unbeknownst to most people, you can, and you do make a difference in the lives of the people around you. What you do and how you live is going to have an impact on those who know and live around you. You do make a difference, even if you don’t think you do. If we would consider this fact and take our lives more seriously it would help us to consider what kind of difference we make. Let’s look at some men who made a difference.

I. Abraham made a difference for his nephew, Lot.

A. Had a good relationship with God (Gen. 18:16-19)

1. His faithfulness displayed here in (Gen. 18:16-19)

2. His dependence upon God (Gen. 15:17-24)

3. His trust in God (Gen. 13:10-18)

B. Made a great difference in Lot’s life (Gen. 19:29)

Abraham was living for God and trying with all his might to maintain a testimony before the world. He was trying to live the life of faith and be what he should have been. It is because Abraham had a heart for God that he was known as the friend of God. As God’s friend, and as one who is in fellowship with God, Abraham was able to make intercession for Lot. He prayed for Lot and Lot was spared. He did make the great difference in the life of Lot and his family.

II. Lot made a difference for his children (Gen. 19:12-14)

A. Had no testimony (Gen. 19:7) (note “brethren”)

1. Lot was not faithful to the God he knew

2. was not faithful to his family

3. was not faithful to obey (vs. 15-20)

4. they saw him as a hypocrite (vs. 14)


After living his life searching for riches and power, why would Lot think that he had the kind of testimony that would cause people to take him seriously when it came to the truth about God? He had lived among these wicked people so long and in such a way, that no one saw him as any different. His own children thought his testimony of coming judgment was a mockery.

III. Achan made a difference for many. (Joshua 7:1-5)

A. Achan had secret sin in his life (buried in his tent)

1. we see his confession (vs. 18-21)

2. we see the cost of his sin (vs. 1-5)

3. the commandment that was broken (6:18-19)

4. the consequences (vs. 24-26)

Because of Achan there were at least 36 households that had lost a husband, brother, or father. 36 families wept because of this man. His problem, hidden sin. It was hidden in the heart of his home where no one could see it. It affected all in his life. It stopped the blessing of the entire nation in battle. And it cost his entire family their lives.

IV. King Saul made a difference in all Israel (I Sam. 17:11)

A. Saul had lost the touch of God on his life

(I Sam.16:14-15)

1. All the people knew that he was not right

2. Afraid of the truth (17:8-11)

3. Apparent compromise

Shocoh a hedge

Azekah dug over, or tilled under

Ephes-Dammim a boundary of blood

4. They were defeated before they began

In looking at the meaning of the words above, Saul had allowed things in God’s land that should not have been there. We see that there was a break in the hedge (Shocoh). The enemies of God were able to gain access through this break in the hedge. Much the same is happening in the church today. There is such compromise that the enemies of God are joining the church today, and they are undermining the truth of the word of God (Azekah). And in doing so the blood is being trodden underfoot (Ephes-Dammin). Look up what the word of God says about Saul. You will find that he had another son who did not die in battle with him. That son’s name was Eshbaal, which means “Man of Baal”.

King Saul had turned so far from God that he had named his own son after a false god. The people knew that the Spirit of the Lord had departed from him and an evil Spirit from the Lord troubled him. No one would have confidence to follow this man into battle.

V. David made a difference in all Israel (I Sam. 17:40-52)

A. People saw something in David

1. he was willing to speak out (17:26)

2. He was willing to serve (17:32)

3. He was trusting God (17:37)

4. He was willing to fight ( vs. 40-52)

5. He was a leader (vs. 52)

David faced Goliath in the name of the God of Israel with his sling and a stone. He went in faith and God fought for him. In being faithful to fight the battle for God’s Glory he gained the victory. It is then that we see that all Israel had sat down on God and could not even fight. When David had come on the scene Israel had not even mustered a charge. They were afraid. No leadership! When David won the victory over Goliath the word of God tells us that all Israel rose up. They would not stand until they saw someone else stand and display the blessing of God.

VI. Jesus made a difference (Eph. 2:1-19)

A. Jesus loved us (vs. 4) Compassion

1. Gave Himself to die for us

Jesus faced a Giant for us at Calvary. He faced the devil and the grave and claimed the victory for all that will put their trust in Him and His finished work at Calvary.

You are making a difference in the life of someone who is watching you. It may be your mate, your children, your grandchildren, a friend, a brother; someone is watching you and they will compare their life to yours. What kind of difference are you making in the lives of those around you?

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Outline, Making a difference


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