Photos: Ordination of Bro. James Strawhorn

These are photos taken at the ordination service and fellowship for Bro. James H. Strawhorn on Sunday, April 5th of 2009 at Calvary Baptist Church in Shannon, Mississippi.  Pastor James H. Knight moderated and delivered the charge.  He was followed with some encouraging messages for Bro. James preached by Bro. H.V. Brown and Bro. George Allen.  We love Bro. James and his family and have high hopes for them in the ministry.


Pastor Knight presenting Bro. James and Sis. Crystal Strawhorn with gifts from CBC of Shannon.


The laying on of hands by Pastor Knight.

(Right click link below to hear the charge preached by Bro. Knight)

Preach the word: Bro. James H. Knight


The laying on of hands by Bro. George Allen.

Audio: Some words of encouragement from Bro. George Allen


The laying on of hands by Bro. H.V. Brown.

Audio: Encouraging words from Bro. H.V. Brown


The laying on of hands by the presbytery of Calvary Baptist Church of Marietta, Mississippi; now Pastor James Strawhorn’s new church home.  God bless you bro. James.  Live for, follow, and serve God, and He will do the rest.







One more picture, God bless you my brother, my friend.  May God bless you in the ministry in a mighty way.


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