Bro. Mac Phillips

Happy Pastor Appreciation

Bro. Mac,  we love you,

Bro. Jay, Tammy, and the boys.

Calvary Baptist Church

of Becker, Mississippi

Listen to the services of Calvary Baptist Church Below

But My God : Bro. Mac Phillips

Changed in a moment: Bro. Mac Phillips

Your Influence: Bro. Mac Phillips

How Serious Are You? Bro. Mac Phillips

Bro. Mac and Sis Betty Jane Phillips

Bro. Mac Phillips is the man that I came to affectionately know as my pastor.  He is the pastor of Calvary Baptist Church of BeckerMS, where I came to know Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour.  He gave me the greatest advice that anyone could ever receive, two words; “Stay Faithful.”  For forty three years he has been a faithful pastor and friend to the members of the flock at CBC and to all in the community about the church.  Everyone knows him well in the area and those who know him love and respect him, none can honestly find anything to accuse him of.  He has lived an exemplary life for many a young preacher to learn from. I am thankful that God led me to this man’s ministry to bring me into the fold, and be led, fed, and once in a while fleeced.  He holds back nothing from the truth that he preaches.  Praise God, I know he loves me because he gives me what I need.  This page is dedicated to a great friend and teacher. My pastor Bro. Mac Phillips. I Love you Brother Mac.

Bro. James H. Knight

The following is a letter from Bro. Mac to the Church

When they printed the church directory.

2Co 5:21

For he hath made him to be sin for us,

who knew no sin; that we might be made

the righteousness of God in him.

On August the eleventh nineteen hundred and sixty-six I preached my first message at Calvary Baptist Church after I surrendered to the ministry. On August the eleventh of nineteen hundred and ninety-six I will celebrate thirty years of pastoring the church

When I came to the church there was only a four wall block building with homemade pews and pulpit. There were about fifteen people at that time of which about seven remain at this present time. In nineteen sixty-eight we added the old building. In nineteen

seventy-two we bricked the old building and added central air and heat. In nineteen seventy-four we built the educational building. In nineteen eighty-three we built the pastorum. In nineteen eighty-seven we built the new auditorium which seats about three

hundred. In nineteen-ninety we purchased several acres of land around the church and cleaned it up. In nineteen ninety-three we purchased a home on Miller Road and remodeled it for a guest house. I do not know what the future holds on Calvary Baptist Church. but I know that if the LORD does not come my prayer is that God would continue to bless and use this church after I am gone. GOD has used many people and they have been a blessing to the work here at Calvary The church was instituted in February of nineteen fifty-five with about eleven people. The original church was built on property donated by Bro. and Mrs. Brownie Sorrells. We praise the LORD for the sacrifice of those HE used to organize this church. I do not know how many years that I have left or

how long the LORD will leave me here, but I do know that I want to serve HIM as long as I can.



Unsung Heroes

There are many unsung heroes

Throughout church history,

Holding up the preacher’s hands

And helping them to preach.

Of those many unsung heroes,

The ones neglected most of all,

Are those sweet and precious pastor’s wives

In the shadows, unseen at all.

Not leading temperance meetings,

Neither teaching Sunday School,

But encouraging the man of God,

Whom the world see’s as a fool.

A bulwark in the raging sea

To which our souls are tied.

A shelter from the raging storms

In which our souls are tried.

God bless the unsung heroes,

Unseen by anyone,

Who, holding up the man of God,

Are blessing everyone

I wrote this poem for Sis Betty Jane

on Bro. Mac’s35th anniversary as pastor of CBC.


3 Responses to Bro. Mac Phillips

  1. Stephanie alain says:

    hello I am looking for a brother Mac. my belated mom elise alain used to get tapes from him. she lived in quebec. I know the name of the church was Calvary Baptist church in Mississippi. the pastor I am looking for comes from a hard background before he got saved. is this you

  2. jameshknight says:

    I am Brother James Knight. Bro. Mac was my pastor until I started pastoring myself. He is no longer at Calvary Baptist Church in Becker, MS but he is still preaching regularly. And yes mam, he had an extensive tape ministry for many years. God has used him all over the world through the tape ministry.H is a great man.

  3. jameshknight says:

    And, yes mam, The picture on the tribute page is Bro. Mac Phillips.

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