Searching the Scriptures

Notes and lessons on the Scriptures from the desk of

Bro. James H. Knight

These notes are the material used in the teaching ministry of Pastor James H. Knight. Not all of the material or thoughts originated in the heart of bro. Knight, but these lessons have come through much study and prayer.(We preach that which we have seen and heard.) We praise God for the labors of all who have gone before and through whom much truth has been shared that we might be able to glean of that which has already been studied and preached. Thank you and God bless all you men of God that I have heard and read after.

Pastor James H. Knight


Genesis Lesson 1-7

Genesis Lessons 8-14

Genesis Lessons 15-26

‘Cause I’m Going In

Bring back the good old days

Bringing Down the Walls

Fruit: Intro & Outline

How to succeed

I Beseech Thee, Show me thy Glory

I Have Glorified Thee…

Jesus Loves Me, This I Know

Looking Unto Jesus


Outdone by a man Undone

Outline; Making a Difference

Preach The Word

Romans 7:7-25

Sin In The Camp

Waiting on God  Acts 16

When Our Eyes Meet

A brief study of Heb.11:1-7

Acts 15:36-41

Eph. 6:11-18 Stay Faithful

Genesis 11:1-4

Paul’s Thorn in the Flesh

1Kings 6:31-32


Some words concerning Study:

In beginning to study the word of God we must keep several things in mind. We must remember that God, being the Author of His Word is free to say just exactly what He wants too. We must also remember that God is the Authenticator of His Word, which means that He will do just what He says He will do. And God is the Authority behind His Word, which means that He has the Power to do just as He chooses, without answering to anyone or anything as to why.

We also need to ask ourselves a few basic questions in our study. As we read any particular text, we must keep ourselves in mind of the context in which it was written. Ask yourself these questions.

1. Who said this?

2. Who was it spoken too?

3. What did it mean to the hearer(s) in that place and at that time?

4. How does it apply to me today?

We also need to remember a few simple facts that seem to be forgotten in our day. No two people are going to agree on everything in the scriptures. I would seem that there is a great deal of trouble in the church in our day concerning this point of truth. No two people are going to agree on every point of doctrine. What is more, no one person is going to be right about every point of doctrine. Nor has anyone person the monopoly on truth. The fact that a student of the Gospel finds someone who disagrees with him does not mean that the other individual is automatically wrong. It is also important to remember that different people will perceive different truths from the same passage. Perhaps one has seen some truth or application that can be made using a particular text, yet another has seen another truth from that text which is just as accurate as the other in the presentation of a biblical truth. Different men see things in different ways. When the Lord told Peter to cast an hook and get the tax money, one may see that Peter had to move by faith in order to receive the blessing, while another may use it to illustrate the sovereignty of Jesus Christ as Creator of all things and in total control. Either application is correct and yet either may be taught without emphasizing the other and still not be incorrect doctrinally. We must remember that Scripture has primary and , possibly, many secondary applications. And we must realize that we never get to the place that we are too old, or too spiritual to learn. The greatest problem here is that many simply will not be taught because in order to be taught, one must admit that someone else knew something that they did not. Oh, the pride that plagues the human heart and makes it so difficult to convey even some of the simplest truths of Scripture.

It is also useful to keep in mind that only God knows all that is contained in the Scriptures. And most damaging to our pride, even the devil knows more bible than we do. (This truth is what makes the devil the more dangerous to us. It has been said that the devil is far less dangerous as a roaring lion than he is as an angel of light)

Another thought is the consideration of the tools that we use in our bible studies. We must of course have and be familiar with a good copy of the Word of God. The 1611 King James, Authorized version is the only one recommended by this author or this writing. All research, references and quotations in this writing will be from this precious book. We also must use whatever reliable facts are at our disposal, whether they be in the field of religion, life, history, science, common sense, theoretical studies, or our own thoughts. Most importantly of all we must be guided by the Holy Spirit of God. Without the discerning leadership of the Holy Spirit, no study will avail any good.

Keep these things in mind as we begin our study of the word of God together.

Thank you,

Pastor: James H. Knight

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