September 6, 2008

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Please browse the pages listed at the rightand be sure to check out some of the links on the blogroll. There are some great sites, full of free downloads,free study courses, free audio cd’s, lots of free book and audio downloads. And some amazing Christian libraries on-line.


Earn your Christian Degree in the comfort of your own home.  Drs. Berrian and Godstime are fully accredited and more than affordable (it’s free).  As a ministry and a blessing to all who would like to pursue a Christian education these men have dedicated themselves to providing a free education to any that may be interested. Please look them over if you are interested.

The Rock Of Ages College of Biblical Studies is a very affordable and a very good way for a student of the Gospel to go if they want to further their education and can spend a small amount of money on the education.  If you check this school out, you will find that the money barely pays for the books that you will receive.  This precious organization is not trying to make money.  They are doing the work of discipling God’s children.  I believe that if you are a serious Bible student you will be pleased.


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